Press Release

Richard Brooke interviews Sean Graham     Date: June 1, 2021          Location: Atlanta, GA

This is part 3 of a series of interviews that Richard Bliss Brooke conducted with Leadership expert and MLM legend Sean Graham, at Graham’s home in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.  Part 1 took place last April at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA where Graham is a member and attends the event annually.  Part 1 focused on Graham’s upbringing, athletic endeavors and love of golf, and small business background leading to his introduction to and career in MLM.  Part 2 took place last October at the MLM Mastermind event where Graham was the keynote presenter, and this interview focused exclusively on Graham’s massive success in the MLM industry.  Part 3 takes place on Tuesday June 1 2021 at Graham’s home in Atlanta, GA and the topic of today’s discussion is on Graham’s favorite subjects: leadership and experiencing fulfillment in one’s life.

The interview takes place at Graham’s home in an exclusive gated golf community in northwest Atlanta where he, his wife Heather, son Cole, and daughter Sophia live.  Their home is nestled into a quiet, wooded area, with views of an enormous lake and 15th green of an award-winning Mike Riled designed course.  The home itself is large (12,000′), luxurious with modern technology impacting every area, and with everything one needs to lead an extravagant existence.  The indoor junior Olympic pool with Jacuzzi and retractable roof; the entertainment center with movie screen and 15 plush theater-styled seats; racquetball court and fitness center; all of these things would lead one to believe pretentious people living a life of comfort and isolation lived here, but our crew found them to be anything but this.

Richard Brooke (RB): So Sean, here we are again, talking about business, life, leadership, and if our first two interviews together are any indication, probably a lot of other things neither of us planned to talk about but will!

Sean Graham (SG): Richard, it is always a pleasure being with you Richard and talking about whatever comes is always a fun time doing things like this with you.

RB: To catch our reader’s up to speed, let’s begin with a quick synopsis of why we are here, what we are talking about, and what we previously discussed in our first two interviews.

SG: Sounds good, you go first!

RB: OK, good.  For my upcoming book on Leadership and MLM, I am featuring several industry leaders in a comprehensive way, from their upbringings to careers to how they made their way into MLM, and ultimately how they achieved massive success in our profession.  I am asking them to help define exactly what it is they believe enabled them to achieve their success and why they believe this to be so.  It is an effort to help those wishing for more in their lives to consider MLM as a solution, and to help them see clear paths by which our most successful leaders got there.

In our first interview, back at Augusta, we spoke about your upbringing in CT, how your father was an entrepreneur, and how you got into racquetball.  Catching the entrepreneurial bug brought you to Atlanta, the fitness business, and eventually in to MLM.  When we sat down at Art’s MLM Mastermind event last fall, you had just given an amazing presentation to 5,000 professionals who gave you a standing ovation, and we focused specifically on your MLM career.  Today I think we should give our readers the happy ending everyone dreams about so they too can feel confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel, if they choose to go after it.

SG: Well, I did enjoy the first two times we met on your book project, Richard.  If there is anyway I can contribute to your readers’ success, I am happy to do so.  If you feel summarizing the milestones of my career will be of help to your readers, let’s do it.

RB: Give us a timeline of the major milestones in your career so we can get an idea of how long it took you, what you considered important markers, and what you felt along the way.

SG: Well, my story is similar to many people who have risen to the top of their respective companies.  I enrolled in my company back in late 2011 and really did not meet with great success for a couple of years.  I “wanted” success really badly but did not have the skills to fulfill my potential.  I learned a few skills and as you know, enrolled in the Mark J’s Master Key program in late 2013 and it is at that point that I began passing my goals like road signs on a highway while doing 80 mph in my Aston Martin.  Everything to that point was hard and time-consuming.  After that experience, success came quickly and with seemingly effortlessly.

By the end of the sixth month after starting that MK program, our monthly check was up to $8,000.  This is significant because it was at this point that Heather was able to safely retire from her job and become a full-time stay-at-home mom for Cole.  It was the first of many of my proudest achievements, most of which centered on providing safety, security, and happiness for my family.  Once Heather was home full time, I was able to pour more of myself into the business and things really took off.

By the end of September later that year, the business had grown to a point where it was paying us $25,000 a month consistently, and the checks were steadily growing each week.  It was at this point when we became pregnant with Sophia and moved into the home in which we are now sitting.  By the end of the year, December 31st, in fact, we had achieved most of what we originally set out to do: $300k a year income, free time, a nice home that we owned free and clear, and a healthy, happy family.

Little did I know what we were in store for.  All along, even when we were struggling a bit, we gave back.  We instinctively knew and had reinforced through the MK program, that giving of ourselves was a key to creating lasting prosperity.  We volunteered our time, mostly for child-based programs and things having to do with empowering children and women and donated small amounts of money on a regular basis.

RB: Even when times were tough?

SG: Yes, even when times were tough.  Sometimes as little as $5 and an hour of volunteer work at a charity golf tournament.  We believed that we had a great life filled with joy and love, great health and happiness, and that because of this, we had something to give, to offer others in need.

RB: What was the result?

SG: The immediate result was the grateful and appreciative feelings we had for being so fortunate.  This was and continues to be the best part of our giving.  The tangible results began to flow, and it seemed as if we could not stop them if we tried!  Things began to multiply in our life, and since we had more to give, more money and time, we gave more of ourselves; things came back ten-fold.  The key we found was that we gave first.

RB: So what else happened with your business and your goals for it?

SG: As the business and our income grew, we added new rooms to our home, like our fitness center and my office/den.  We began traveling more and conducting business in the various places we visited.

RB: How did you do this?

SG: We would pick a place where we wanted to vacation or visit.  A month out we would place ads in that local market and begin making calls to find people living in that market who were seeking opportunity.  We scheduled the 2nd-4th days of each trip for interviewing candidates, enrolling new partners, and training.  We vacationed for the next 7-10 days, and circled back with our new partners on the day before we returned home.  New partners, growing the business, donating money to local charity, and quality time spent with family..and a vacation paid for by the Feds!  What could be better?!

RB: This is one of the true benefits of our profession, to be sure.  How big did your business get before you knew you were on to something special?  Many reading this may not know that you are considered the highest paid Network Marketer in the world, too.

SG: At the end of March 2016 I had achieved the Eagle pin rank in my company, and our monthly income reached $100,000 right at this point.  Every other Eagle in our company got their first and then the income started to flow, but we built our business for security after taking a program called Go90Grow; we built for depth.  So our organization was growing “deep” all along, hence the big checks before hitting Eagle.  After that the thing just kept growing, especially as we expanded internationally.  After years of mentoring several leaders in our organization, ten were earning $100,000 a month and one-thousand were earning $10,000 a month.  We had literally replaced ourselves ten times over, and the business skyrocketed.  We sit here today, in June of 2021, with just over one-million active reps and ten-million subscription customers worldwide.

RB: And how much are your checks; what are you earning monthly?

SG: I have to pinch myself; our check for this month was $6,250,000.

RB: Over six million dollars.

SG: That’s right, six-million dollars.  And the free time, peace of mind, ability to give generously, to go with it.

RB: Do you still give 10% of your income to charity?

SG: We upped it to 15% a few years ago and then to 20% last year.

RB: Incredible.  You are donating over $1 million a month to charity.

SG: We do this, and we have also gotten behind several other projects which support the safety and empowerment of children and women.  We funded a community resource center here in Atlanta as well as started a charter school for children coming from all income levels.  There is a tuition and it is scaled based upon a family’s income, and it is free for 50-75 children a year.  It might sound trite, but the giving of our time, money, and expertise really has become the focal point of our efforts and is where we derive most of our satisfaction.

RB: Ultimately, what has achieving these business and life goals helped you learn, see, do, or become?  Is there a bigger point to it all?

SG: Great question.  I started out with individual goals, then goals that involved “stuff” like homes, cars, and recognition.  As we became successful and began realizing them, I became a different person in the process.  I was a better version of myself, able to be of service to more and more people, and I became a better husband and father, too.  Ultimately I began helping others help themselves to reach their goals and dreams, and what I experienced was freedom.  I experienced what I truly wanted in life, things that gave me freedom, autonomy, and a sense of liberty: I was helping to create a new paradigm which enabled others to follow in my footsteps and create their own lives of freedom and autonomy.

I have always seen the world as a beautiful place of wonder and marvel, but also as a place that could just as easily beat people down and keep them from leading a fulfilling life.  The major systems and institutions in existence were old, outdated, and kept men and women from even sniffing their own potential.  Building the business as we did forced me to develop leadership and communication skills, and once I began doing this, more followers joined the cause.  As more people within our organization freed themselves by becoming financially independent, they too grew personally and began fulfilling their potential.  As people grew, our business grew, and the total giving grew…the world changed for the better for millions of people.

RB: Would you consider this your crowning achievement?

SG: Ensuring that my wife and kids have a safe haven to live and prosper is my crowning achievement, but for sure, fulfilling my Dharma as being a force for good and enabling others to embrace change that nurture’s mans innate sense of freedom, is close to the top.

RB: Let’s take a quick break so you can show me this golf course, and we can revisit the interview when we are done playing, OK?!

SG: Sounds like a plan, Richard!


7 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Hi Sean, I’m a huge Richard Brooke fan – was with his Life Shotz company for a while – and heard him speak many times at company events. Love his Vision Workshops and Mach II book in particular. Just curious…why do you choose Richard to interview you?

    1. I relate to Richard well because we share similar views on a number of things regarding the business, human nature, and getting things done. Like you I enjoy his writing and videos, and as he is one of the industry’s finest and most credible figures, I would enjoy having him interview me.

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