Master Key Week 22a – “I am with the Organization..”

Remember that cool slogan from back in the ’70’s, “I am with the band?”  It was a line people used when they were trying to sneak into a bar or nightclub for free.

This week the virtue I assigned to myself to look for and implement in my daily affairs was “well-organized.”  I thought I was fairly well-organized in all areas of my life, but when I focused on seeing organization everywhere I went..I have a few things to work on.

My son: he is now three (3) and talk about well-organized.  His eyes begin to shut and that little motor of his shuts down like clockwork right around 9:00pm nightly.  He is up like a bolt at 7:00am.  An hour after he know what happens then, rain or shine.  Watching him play with his trucks and looks like the dig site at one of Donald Trump’s resorts.  The kid, and all humans, are pre-programmed with an amazing inclination towards being well-organized.

Traffic: if you have lived in or spent any time in Atlanta know it is not fun.  The major highways and “perimeter” just were not designed or built with much forethought; traffic seems to be log-jammed in the same places daily.  The volume of traffic during peak times is monumental, i.e. – 100,000 cars moving down the 3-lane 575 each morning headed ITP..inside the perimeter.  Yet with all of this seemingly poor planning and chaos..the traffic is surprising well-organized.  People pretty much know how fast each lane moves; they know when to cut over to get off of Windy Hill Road right before the 285 onramp.  For the sheer volume of cars..the number of accidents is relatively very small.

Nature: anyone could write volumes on how well-organized nature is.  In fact we could probably steer the conversation on nature’s organization into science and religion..there must be a God/higher power who had a hand in organizing everything, right?  I mean, how could all of this happen by luck, right?  Let’s debate this another day.  I double-dog dare you to sit outside for an hour one day and just listen to has a rhythm.  Watch birds build a nest.  Watch the trees sway in the breeze.  Close your eyes and take this all in.

To me now the world is perfectly well-organized; there is nothing that when left to its own devices is not well-organized and efficient.  It really is amazing, inspiring, and comforting to know that as I am a part of nature, I too am perfectly well-organized in every way..I (we) just need to get out of our own way(s) to let it be.

All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body nature is, and God the soul


6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 22a – “I am with the Organization..”

  1. Thank you, Sean, for your post about organization. It is so true that you can find this throughout every facet of life. Your son is very fortunate to have you to help guide him as he grows into becoming a man. These lessons we have learned as adults gives your son a huge advantage in life. Enjoy these years.

  2. Love how you took the traffic and pointed out the organization of it…I will look at it differently the next time I am caught in one (it happens in Boston too). And nature, the organization of nature, so beautiful. Great blog, Sean.

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