Master Key Week 20 – Black Box Secrets Never Before Revealed by MK Industry Experts..Until Now..Only $47!

Mark J and Fabulous Davene practically begged me not to let the cat out of the bag.  They threatened to fly from Hawaii to ATL and lock me up for good.  They pulled my scholarship from me and threatened a law suit.  But after hours of consultation they let me share just a little..because we are bleeding hearts and want to share with the information that only a few precious souls have known about for thousands of years..kings and princes..shamans..the information was lost forever..until mystery man “Charles” uncovered the middle of the night…it is normally $1,477 for this information that will make you rich and powerful..but if you act now..Mark and D let me do can get it all for only..wait for it…$47.

If you are involved on some level in a Direct Sales, Network Marketing, or Internet Marketing program, and you spend at least five minutes a week on Facebook or online, you will “get” the title of this week’s blog post..and likely have a chuckle.  It is amazing that the “experts” waited until the Internet was invented to share secrets hidden for centuries that they stumbled upon did we make it as a civilization for thousands of years without these secrets?

What is truly funny to some of us is the contradiction of these experts reasoning.  Surely they know that riches and financial wealth are commensurate with nothing more than an even exchange of value for value.  Provide great value to lots of people..make a lot.  Provide a little value to hardly anyone..make a little.  As well, supply and demand creates value.  The rarer something is..the more it is worth to us.  Not so rare?  Not so expensive.

So if these secrets are so valuable..and have been recently discovered after centuries (rare)..and if they will help you and I attract financial come only $47..or $97..or $147?  The very fact that all of these life-altering simple “magic” tricks cost a dollar amount ending in “7” should tell us maybe there is some marketing ploy at work?  I guess 50 is the new 30 in Hollywood and “7” is the new “9” in online marketing.

John Wooden figured out that most success comes from industriousness and practice.  The great golf professional Gary Player figured out that success “is in the dirt”, meaning…lots and lots of practice.

A few others have asked me about the MKMMA and what we actually “do in there?”  So I am going to provide you with what we call a progression, which we do is now a part of our daily lives, like eating and sleeping.  I will not get into details as to what this progression does or why it works..if this really has you curious, take the MKMMA course at some is not $ is free.  But you will invest a lot of your time, effort, sweat, tears, and thinking..nothing is free, right?

A progression is simply a group of activities done each day, over an extended period of time, of which the accumulative effect will have profound effects on your thinking and therefore, the results you create in your life.  Much like I used to teach in the health club business: once you join, let us agree on a few things you will do each day, including your exercising..that will, over time, get you and keep you in great health.  Some fresh water..8 hours sleep..fresh veggies and fruits..30 minutes exercise..over time..equals new you.  The progression works the exact same way in reformatting your subconscious blueprint and helping you to recognize the world of abundance in which we all live.  Here it is with a brief description of each activity:

  1. Write out three GRATITUDE CARDS each day.  Simply write something for which you are grateful for on a 3×5 index card..write three of them daily..always something new, no duplicates…and read them each day a few times, out loud.  By constantly recalling all of the things for which you are grateful..every day..and adding new will begin recognizing gratitude in abundance everywhere you go and will begin attracting more things into your life for which to be grateful.  See “law of attraction” (not the one being sold for $799).  If you do nothing is the “first domino” that will trigger all the others to fall, replacing an old blueprint with a new one.  See my Linkedin profile to read how I believe gratitude eliminates all of one’s challenges and leads to service to others..leading to the elimination of the world’s challenges.
  2. Complete two (2) Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) daily.  You will not seek, ask, or expect anything in return for them.  You will simply do them because you can.  You will begin noticing acts of kindness being committed in abundance everywhere you go, and begin attracting into your life..acts of kindness.  See the trend?  Give first and receive second, the same thing you are giving?
  3. Write out a 1-2 sentence MINI-JOURNAL of a positive experience you had that day or the previous day (if doing the progression in the mornings).  It could be the smallest thing like “had a fun dinner with the family tonight..lots of great conversation and love.”  Reliving these positive experiences each day trains your subconscious to recognize positive events, feelings, and thoughts…plus it just feels good.
  4. Exercise.  You do not have to challenge Tony Horton to a cross-fit, tough mudder, ultimate fighting challenge..but you do need to be in good shape.  It works wonders for your self-esteem and confidence…as well as releases tons of peptides and chemicals from your brain that help you associate and tie-together all of the progression activities..seamlessly and effortlessly.
  5. The Sit.  Fifteen or more minutes each day, seven days a week..that would be everyday.  Call it mediation or quiet time, either way, you will find great insights and epiphanies come to you more in times of silence than when actively seeking answers.

There you have it.  Black Box secrets kept hidden for centuries, found on accident by experts who have used it to create wealth and riches..and now are inspired to share with the world out of duty, responsibility, and kindness..for $47.  Except this information has been around since Day 1..been used by most people in bits and spurts…is at our fingertips..and has no price tag..unless you consider the time and effort you will put in from here on in practicing the progression.

Ps. – if you want to send me $47, that is totally cool, too.



3 thoughts on “Master Key Week 20 – Black Box Secrets Never Before Revealed by MK Industry Experts..Until Now..Only $47!

  1. Very clever and humorous title! Having a background in retail and real estate it made me chuckle. 7’s, these days in some retail circles indicate bottom line price and final purchase. You have the black box secrets pinned down, Sean. They are the keys! Thanks for the humor.

  2. Always power in writing something out. And add the emotion with the humor and cleverness and I’m sure those truths are yours forever. Fun review for me, thanks.

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