Master Key Week 17 – The Hidden Value of Work

Short post today.  Want to share two highlights of this week’s work, hopefully something substantial you can take away and begin using in your life right now.

This Benjamin Franklin exercise, where we focus our attention on finding as many instances of one of his virtues each week, has confirmed to me with no uncertainty that we truly live in a world of abundance.  Week one I focused on witnessing acts of courage and “catching” myself committing them myself.  I saw dozens of them..everywhere..from all kinds of people..big acts and little acts..but all courageous.  I even found a few times where I acted courageously.

Next up was kindness in week two…it’s all I saw everywhere I went.  Now I am looking for decisiveness.  It is all over the place, everywhere.  On YouTube videos I watch..people I prospect members..articles on the Internet..everywhere.

I once read about something called the RAC (reticular activating cortex)..or something like that.  It is the part of our brains that focuses our attention on whatever we are thinking about really deeply with emotion.  Example: 10,000 years ago..we walk out of our cave..we have not eaten in 4 days..we go looking for food..we see a bird 1/4 mile away..we hear a mouse in the leaves 300 yards away..we are so focused on finding food that our RAC triggers our brain to allow us to see all “food opportunities” available to us.

Same thing with wood floors.  I never cared about wood floors..never knew where to buy them..what they to install them.  Until we decided to put wood floors in our house.  I saw every billboard advertising them.  Wood floor installation vans would pull up next to me at red lights.  I opened up the Sunday paper right to the wood floor inserts.

Conclusion: when we focus on “looking for something” along with “doing that something” ourselves..we see that it exists in absolute abundance.  Conclusion #2: everything…I mean everything..exists in absolute abundance.  It is is unbounded abundance, replicating, duplicating, growing…everything.  This is good news..whatever you want, all you need to do is give a little of it to get the ball rolling, and then start focusing on it..keep it on your mind..think about it with passion and emotion..then you’ll see it.

The Hidden Value of Work

Master Key Chapter 17, passage #19:  Many of the sturdy and substantial virtues are developed in commercial employment; the mind is steadied and directed; it becomes efficient.  The principal necessity is the strengthening of the mind so that it rises superior to the distractions and wayward impulses of instinctive life and thus successfully overcomes in the conflict between the higher and lower self.

Working makes us money.  Doing great work makes us great money.  Perhaps the greatest value of work are the unseen benefits of who we become as a result of showing up everyday and doing our work.  Objectives to keep us focused..challenges to keep us thinking and being creative..successes that encourage us to celebrate and be joyful and grateful..impacting others with our work to humble us.

Doing good work with a positive attitude can allow us to tap into..rather step into and assume the role of our higher selves.  All good reasons to jump out of bed when we open our eyes, hit the ground running..and use allow our work to help us rise to our full potential.

~ Sean


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