MKMMA – Week 4: Giving It Away Is The Best Investment Advice I Ever Got

In week four I discovered something that would be of great interest to anyone seeking to get ahead, succeed in personal or professional life, or who is on their path of self-discovery.  I find it interesting because in the Master Key it is stated as the “secret of power, of mastery.”  This is what most everyone is looking for, right?  That one secret that triggers a sequence of events that leads to wealth, power, and fulfillment?  Here is the rest of the passage, and then on to what I took away from this week’s study:

“Here is the secret of power, of mastery.  To overcome does not mean to go without things.  Self-denial is not success.  We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong.  The Infinite is not a bankrupt and we who are the representatives of Infinite power should not be bankrupts either, and if we wish to be of service to others we must have power and more power, but to get it we must give it; we must be of service.”

So there you go; in order to get, we must give.  The more we want, the more we have to give.  This tenant can be found in all religious texts of merit, and is something that plays a part in every self-development professional’s programs.  Pretty simple, is it not?  So simple that I believe most of us, myself included, overlook it all too often.

Without getting into too much detail about the MK (it is pretty heavy reading and it is easy to complicate the message), let me share that it is presented as a matter of fact that the Universal (Infinite, God, etc) seeks to express itself and be of service, and so it seeks out the channel by which it can do the most good, where it can be of greatest service to mankind.  This is where you and I come into play.

It is through our activities that the Universal expresses itself and serves mankind; the more we can make ourselves available to do this the better because we become a more effective channel through which the Infinite may act.  We serve mankind, yet it is really the Universal serving mankind, acting through us.

And we all know that we cannot give something which we do not have.  How do we get “it” in order to give it away?  We must give it away first.  What do we give?  What are you good at?  What gives you joy?  What talents and skills do you have that will, by enabling others to have/use them, will benefit others?  Perhaps the most important question we can ask ourselves is, “what exactly do we want?”  Whatever it is, we need to “give” it away first?

Want to feel happy?  Make others feel happy first.  Want honesty and truth in your relationships?  Be honest and truthful with your family and friends first.  Want more money?  Give money away every chance you get.  Want more respect?  Respect others first.  We could cite any number of things to “get” and “give”, the point being that we must first give exactly whatever it is we wish to have.

What this has caused me to do is make an inventory of the things I already possess (I recommend you do the same), which is a pretty positive exercise and great for my ego, given that I consider myself an extremely blessed individual.  Knowing that I have already given quite a bit in certain key areas like health and friendship, and have received it back tenfold, motivates me to step it up.

Creating a list of things I do not yet possess, but wish to have, has made it a very simple process knowing where I need to focus my giving.

What I really love about this principle is that the Universal (God) requires us to serve our fellow mankind if we wish to “get more” for ourselves.  It does not subscribe to the poverty mentality that is so pervasive in all areas of modern society, example that it is noble to be poor (e.g. Mother Teresa).  In fact the Universal makes a pact with us that if we go first by giving, we may receive and accumulate power (and tangible results that go with it); we are now able to serve/give more with this added power and wealth, which enables us to accumulate more ourselves.  It is loop by which we can achieve and possess anything we desire; we simply must determine what we need to give and then do it.

Is the Master Key difficult at times to keep up with?  Definitely.  So the one thing I take away from this week’s study, of which I am certain after re-reading at length each day, is that I must give, and give some more, and give yet still more, that of which I wish to receive.  In so doing I transform myself into a vessel by which the Universal will use me to serve a greater number of my fellow mankind, and this is something which gives me great joy.  I promise to stay on this path, and I always keep my promises.




Week 3 – It is work

A few observations from my experience with Master Key now that we have nearly wrapped up the third week, in no particular order:

  1. The initial excitement and burst of energy that accompanied starting the program is long gone, and now the work has set in
  2. A measure of discipline is needed to perform the work on time, each day, as planned
  3. A heightened level of concentration and focus is needed to stick to the program..Master Key is not like reading a Sports Illustrated
  4. Although this is fairly heady stuff, the principles are actually very simple and are becoming more self-evident with each passing day
  5. We tend to make things much too complicated for ourselves
  6. My “old blueprint” is causing me to fight the transition at time
  7. This thing works, and it works fast

Undertaking the MK program is very similar to when I began my pursuit of playing racquetball as a kid.  The goal of playing in professional events seemed so far off, but I really wanted to do it..badly.  So much so that I practiced, played, practiced, and played every waking hour and as much as my folks would let me.  It was exciting every day when I was no good, smacking the ball around and getting lost in the moment of just playing.  I tried just to hit the ball as low as I could, every chance I got, and I’d win my share of games.

Then I learned some skills and hit the courts daily with a planned practice routine aimed at developing proficiency in all aspects of the game, with the end goal being that of playing professionally.  I focused on stroke mechanics, positioning, 3rd shot sequences…all important, but boy I made it complicated.  The game went from being in my heart to being in my head..and on many days it was hard to hit the courts and play.

Then I met someone who introduced me to Bruce Lee’s seminal book, “The Art of Jeet Kun Do.”  I applied his philosophy to my playing, and fairly soon thereafter everything changed for me.  I played more by instinct.  I no longer needed instruction or to add new “tricks” to my game.  My game developed a natural flow, or at least I felt that it did.  I won more.  I had more fun.  My game left my head and went back to my heart.

I attribute this transition to becoming acquainted with certain principles that are Universal and apply to us all.  Once I recognized them and practiced them, it was as if I was tapping into a power source that made me a better player with seemingly no effort whatsoever.  I played in dozens of professional events and fulfilled that dream.

Having gone through this experience gives me certainty that staying disciplined with learning and practicing the MK program will yield tremendous results.  When I would add a new shot to my repertoire on the court, I would have to work over my old habits and instill new ones; it usually took 6 – 12 months to make the new shot a permanent habit.  Adding in MK principles is the same.  I can feel my old blueprint trying to dictate my thinking and actions and I know that by staying disciplined, my new blueprint will become a permanent fixture.  Until then..this thing is work.

Week 2 – Watchman at the Gate

Most people do not know this about me: I almost let the party guests ruin my castle, and I had no idea I was letting them do it.  How did this almost happen?  Let me explain.

When I was born, I inherited the most amazing castle.  My parents were cool like that; the day I was born, the story goes, is the day they said, “Here, this is for you.”  It is unassuming when viewed from the street, which keeps it pretty safe from hooligans and trespassers.  The place is surrounded by a very tall, wrought-iron fence, and to enter the premises you must pass through the front gate.

There is an employee who works out front to ensure no one enters without an is a castle, after all.  The guy has been there since Day 1 and his name is Buddy.  He calls himself The Watchman.

Once you get inside, it’ll blow your mind.  I mean, it has everything one could possibly want including a seemingly endless number of rooms (how many do we really need, anyway?), gold-plated this and diamond-encrusted that, and every “toy” imaginable.  Dozens of servants took care of my every need, and I never had to wait for more than a moment or two before they answered my beckon call.

Growing up as a kid I could summon most anything my heart desired and “poof”, it dang near appeared out of thin air.  Literally.  I loved that place.  I’d invite friends over for lunch, dinner, parties, name it.  They all had to go through the front gate, and meet Buddy.  Over time Buddy began to slack at his job..I guess it was a boring job to stand there and watch people come and go, but I figured, “hey, you are making good money to stand around, live with it.”

I went away to school and left the place for Buddy to watch over; he was The Watchman, after all.  When I visited home one Fall weekend, I noticed a bunch of people in my castle.  Buddy told me he had invited a few of his friends over for a party, and charged them a small fee for use of the house and so he could make a few extra dollars while I was away.  He did not think I would mind, after all we had known each other practically since the day I was born.

Something in me said I should know better, but I was busy with life and left Buddy unattended.

This went on for some time, and only recently did I decide to move back home permanently to my castle.  I had a growing desire to do for quite some time, but life kept me busy.  So I packed up my stuff, jumped in the car, and made the drive back home.  To my utter dismay, my castle was not as I had remembered it.  Buddy was still there at the front gate, but I caught him sleeping on the job.  There were hundreds of people in the place whom I did not know and they were wrecking the place.

I threw them all out and took inventory of my property.  It was salvageable but it was going to take some elbow grease and a firm resolve.  And I was going to have to set Buddy straight.

We had a heart to heart, and he got back to work like the day he started.  I provided Buddy with a list of people he could allow to pass through the gate, and advised him to turn back all questions asked.  He told me how much he appreciated this because that was his intention all along.  With me being away and not paying much attention anymore, he just figured I did not care, so he let in anyone who showed up at the front gate.

Lesson learned: simply by not giving clear and firm instructions to Buddy, my Watchman at the Gate, I nearly lost an immense, priceless palace of immeasurable value.  I had no idea how important a role my Watchman had, or the value of constantly checking in on him.  I know now.

Week 1

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, and if we show a little courage and experience good fortune, we embark on at least a few in our lifetime.  I believe our internal compasses are set towards “freedom” from the day we are born, and it is the paths we take that serve as our attempts to arrive back there.  Back from where?  From giving up our ability to direct the course of our lives as we choose, which is opposite of freedom.  One of the purposes of this blog is to describe a new journey I have embarked upon, that of Master Key Master Mind Alliance, of which I am faithful will bring me many steps closer to returning to the freedom offered to each of us upon entering this world.

Most people simply do not believe that we are able to direct the course of our lives, let alone change it once set in motion.  From the time I can remember having thoughts about things of this nature, my belief has always been that we are fully-equipped to direct our journey through life, and that we intuitively know this from birth.  As we move through life and gather experiences, it is as if “life” adds layers of sediment to our awareness and at some point, without noticing, we forget.  I am convinced that our thoughts (the content, quality, and habit) create our reality, and enable us to begin removing those layers of sediment until we arrive back to our original selves.

Years ago I read a book where the author was an apprentice and his teacher described life as a thousand room hotel, where we never venture out of a single room.  Our thinking is what traps us in that one room, and the way to walk out of it and explore any/all of the other rooms (the life we choose to live) is to change our thinking.

The first challenge I am looking forward to embracing with MKMMA is that of becoming fully conscious of my thoughts and seeing how they create my reality.  Although a daunting task, it is comforting knowing that I am able to create whatever reality I desire by managing my thoughts.  This process seems to be one of awareness and then consistent practice, and I am very much looking forward to the guidance provided by the MKMMA teachers as well as learning from personal experiences shared by other students.

A major purpose of mine that sits either in front of or in back of my desire to return to a state of complete freedom is the process of rising to my full potential.  After attending the first MKMMA session and completing the first assignments, I feel certain that this journey begins by mastering my thoughts.  All the while it is my intention to live a life of fulfillment and excellence, and as I write this I am reminded of President Kennedy reminding us that “The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence.”  More to come on this journey, I appreciate you following along. ~ SPG